Our priorities

Climate change

Fitzroy Falls Moreton National Park, NSW © Adam Fry

The science is clear: climate change is the most serious threat facing our planet today.

The impacts of climate change include more extreme weather and natural disasters, chronic droughts & economic instability. We’re focusing on innovative, science-based solutions that match the urgency of this crisis, such as restoring forests from Brazil to Indonesia and working to ensure a clean energy future. In Australia we’re protecting woodlands and wetlands that store carbon taken from the atmosphere, and we’re helping Traditional Owners better manage fire on their lands. Together with supporters like you, we can halt the catastrophic march of climate change so that our communities can thrive and natural places that renew our spirits can endure.

Climate change insights

Check out the latest perspectives, research and tools that inform how we are tackling climate change and other pressing issues facing people and the earth.

A beautiful sunset over Roanoke Sound at the end of the 1.5 mile out-and-back Roanoke Trail on the western edge of the Nags Head Woods Preserve. © Ben Herndon/Tandemstock.com